hiGH-END Teaching Concepts development for the performing arts

2006 Founder 1st Casting Workshop - Including introduction of Cold and Warm Reading techniques for actors in Germany
2008 "Casting as Art" - 1st Open Audition with 200 Actors and Actresses in Germany at the Museum for Communication, Berlin
2008 "Respect for Actors - Respect for Directors", 8-weeks Seminar at the Dffb, German Film- and Television Academy
2008 "English for Actors"  - Concept for German Filmactors in cooperation with the Museum for Communication, Berlin
2009 to 2019 "Berlinale Special"  - Concept, a "Pitching and Interview" on camera Masterclass designed for Actors and Actresses during the BERLINALE  International Filmfestival, Energizing The Actor goes Berlinale
2011 "Introduction to the Actors Playing Position" at the Actors Space Berlin
2012 "Playing Position meets Meisner" in Cooperation with Mike Bernardin at the Actors Space Berlin
2013 "Werkstatt für Schaupieler*innen in Berlin", Actors Space Berlin
2013 "Feedback Seminar", an Artists Workroom for Question Thinking, Museum for Communcation, Berlin
2014 Close-up Masterclass," The Actor in Dialogue with the Camera", a Research of the artistic personality during a Close-up, Switzerland, Austria, Germany
2014 - 17 "Working with Actors - for Directors and Actors", at the postgraduated Department of theNational Danish Filmschool, Copenhagen,
2010 - 15 "Energizing the Actor" Workshops in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland

2015 "Summer Work Outside" - Research "The Pleasure of Exercises for the Actors Daily Life", Berlin
2015  - 18 "The Year of the Seagull" - An ongoing  international Workshop Project for Actors and Directors, Berlin-Copenhagen
2015 "Actors meet Dancers", an Perfoming Arts Research Laboratory, Berlin Lab
2016 + 17 "Berlinale Women´s Special" |  Die Schauspielerin im Film | Weiblichkeit, Sinnlichkeit und Eleganz a Masterclass designed for Actresses during the BERLINALE International Filmfestival, Podewil Berlin,
2017 "WALK and TALK" a personal Artists Advisor Meeting in nature and urban environment
2018 "The Secrets of the Stage - From screen to stage - and back again", 5-week - International Research Laboratory for Actors & Showcase, Berlin Lab
2020 "Festival Lab BPP Berlinale Pitch&Play", designed for Festivals in EU


Time and Space in Theatre, Methodika Report, 2012