Producing Artistic Director @ Superbohemians


Superbohemians is an internationally orientated, multi-disciplinary production company founded by artist duo Greta Amend and Christian Alexander Rogler, which makes work for theatre, film and media. It operates under the label Superbohemians since 2015, emerging from their perfomance group "Embassy of Performing Arts" which was established in 2008. Until 2015 Amend & Rogler developped, produced and directed several path-breaking happenings and perfomances, as well as adapting and performing in theatre plays, such as "White nights" by Fjodor Dostoevsky in Hannover (2012), or Chekhov Revisited in 2016 in Denmark.


The Superbohemians are striving to create a spirit of collective enquiry, initiate exchange, emphasize cross and inter-disciplinary approaches to make visual and perfomance art, develope artist networks, and offer a context for putting creative ideas and arguments into action.

The group has invited actors and directors, as well artists from other disciplines, like writers, painters, installation artists, musicians, designers, photographers and different creative people, whom they happen to meet in their daily life. A gathering of people with a shared passion for art and out of an importance of a renaissance for the actor as the epicenter of the theatre. Superbohemians strive to create excellent stage- and filmworks, do collective research in art, and at the same time enjoy spending lifetime together with respected and high regarded colleagues.


"Being a Superbohemian means also a certain ethical lifestyle of being: From the beginning of our sojourn we find ourselves in a constant process of creation, reinvention and regeneration; we search, find, select, reject, fail, risk, search anew, and start all over again. That is the nature of our work. This includes not only the belief in own talent, but also trust in the path pursued, honesty towards oneself and others, and a healthy appetite for risk."